Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

1st September 2015: “The annual World Day of prayer for the Care of Creation offers to individual believers and to the community a precious opportunity to renew our personal participation in this vocation as custodians of creation, raising to God our thanks for the marvelous works that He has entrusted to our care, invoking his help for the protection of creation and his mercy for the sins committed against the world in which we live.” -   As loving children of Mother Earth and responding to the invitation of Pope Francis, the Province decided to celebrate this day meaningfully. Every Community, Institution and Centre, celebrated the day creatively by having special prayer services, cleaning up the yards, planting trees and plants and creating awareness among students, patients, women’s groups and co-workers.

The communities prepared plans to help the Sisters to live a more eco friendly life and to protect the earth. Some of the actions proposed or undertaken outlined are as follows:

  • Prepare kitchen gardens; conduct organic farming and avoid the use of pesticides. Encourage the use of homemade “pesticides”, composting.
  • Avoid wastage of water, electricity, non-renewable energy (Patrol, Gas), paper, food ...
  • Avoid the use of plastic and non-degradable materials.
  • Control E-pollution by avoiding unnecessary use of electronic gadgets and deploy proper disposal of the same.
  • Create awareness among students and encourage them to take care of the plants.
  • Harvest rain water and roof water, wherever possible.
  • Use public transport so as to avoid pollution
  • Have special prayers for Mother Earth during Community Prayers