Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy


Inter province final profession group
Province day of France
Training the trainers program
From their right Srs. Rose Mary, Pushpita, Juliana, Sushmita Lakra
Final Profession Bhubaneswar Province 2021
Dar esalaam Chapel
Gathering sisters on the occation
General Audience with Pope Francis,May 2019
prayer on the birthday of our founder 2020
Inter province juniors
In Bhubaneswar
150th Jubilee of Bon Rivage
Perpetue and Felicite, First year Novices
Planting of trees by Generalte Team 2020
Gathering sisters for blessings
Boarding school at Agartala
Planting of trees by Generalte Team 2020
Waltair church
Prayer before planting the tree
Bon Rivage-Vevey
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Visit to Assisi delegates
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