Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

REgional GATHERING AT Tambacounda , 27 - 31 décembre 2015




27th Dec 2015,

On the day of arrival, all the sisters of the Region were able to be present.jac
 In the evening we gathered together in the chapel for a thanksgiving service.





Dec 28: Morning we had the opening of the Regional Gathering, We welcomed Fr. Saturnin Parish Priest of St. Peter Claver Parish who presented the encyclical "If Laudato" Pope Francis. He helped us with text from the creation (Gn 1).
Through his words, he helped us understand better our purpose on earth, this common home we all live. In a simple sharing, the sisters expressed their gratitude to the Creator of all goods, but also a certain fear by the use of the planet. For us now to be more aware of the creation, change our outlook towards nature and that we help the people with whom we live so that they are sensitive to this beautiful work. To help us in our commitment, we plan to sensitize, starting with ourselves.

“Be praised Lord for all your blessings and give us the grace to feel intimately united us all that exists for us to grow in responsibility towards the common home that God has entrusted to all.”

Tuesday 29, after reading the letter of St.Paul to the Cor 13, Sr Marie Celine invited us to share in pairs on the gifts God has put in each of us. After 10 minutes, everyone was able to share what she has in her heart. It was rich and interesting in order to help and encourage one on the path to holiness. The day continued with a reminder of the list of attitudes and values ​​used to live well the time of meetings, sharing and reflection. It is about listening to each other to the end, communication and participation. These tools have helped us live well these days in peace, joy and especially understanding of the other.

At the end of the day, our Sr. Jacqueline has delivered a message on respect. Indeed, respect a person is removing these sandals because the other exists and remains a mystery. She continues by inviting us to direct our energies towards giving life and not what destroys it. Without respect it is difficult to accommodate the other. In addition, living together means building together from what unites us. The urgency of charity obliges me to unite myself with my Sister. Finally, she left us some points to watch : personal and community prayer, life between sisters and mercy through the sacrament of reconciliation, the spirit of belonging etc ... We closed the day with a song to the Holy Trinity.reg1
On Dec 30, the debate revolved around finances. After listening to the financial report of Sr. Justine, Sister Jacqueline shared an excerpt of the letter of Pope Francis on the right to property management of institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life.

The next day on Dec 31 last day of the year was reserved for the meeting of the Local Superiors, Econome and counselors with regional Superior. For others, it was a relaxing time.