Soeurs de Saint Joseph d'Annecy

  NECROLOGY OF SR. ST. ROCH 1931  -2020

 Sr. St. Roch nee Mary Ursulamma aged 89 hails from Nagadasi family Mandavalli village in Krishna District. She was born on 31st January 1931 in a Hindu family to late Mr. N. Sundarsenam and Mrs. Jeevamani Nagadasi. She is the eldest of the 5 children.  She was baptized on 27th August 1950. Being the eldest in the family she learnt to take up the responsibilities of the family.

The story of her Vocation:She did her schooling in Mandavalli village her native place. She did her T. T.C training in Vijayawada and taught for two years after which she went to Madras for training to teach blind and deaf children and worked for 3 years. She was a good singer. She has won many shields from the government for her singing. During these times she had a great desire to join the convent and great zeal to work for the Mission. She wanted to join the 1st order Carmelite but a Muslim teacher named Begum who was her classmate during her training period directed her to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy, Visakhapatnam. She entered the Novitiate on 2nd February 1955. She made her first profession on 17th April 1957. She made her Final Profession on 17th January 1967.

She was a zealous Missionary as well as a very good teacher. Sr. St. Roch rendered her dedicated services to the following Communities teaching in the schools: Waltair, Kakinada, Parvathipuram, Fort, Araku, S. Kota, and Cathedral school Visakhapatnam. She used to go for catechetical work in E. Godavari district. She retired from the School on 12th June 1989. After her retirement she was very eager to take catechism for the workers in Waltair also speak about Jesus to all the poor people who come for the poor feeding. She was very sociable in nature; her cherished hobby was to meet people and share her experiences of God to all the passersby, who pass by the church portico. She used to share with them prayers especially those who were burdened with the difficulties of life. She was very kind and compassionate to the poor and the marginalized. She had a special love for the poor and would gather whatever she could to distribute to them.

In the year 2014, Sr. St. Roch was transferred from Waltair to St. Joseph’s Home. She was spending the evening of her life happily. In St. Joseph’s Home she used to visit and take catechism for the inmates especially on Saturdays. Even at the age of 89 she would sing her favorite hymns during Mass. From 10th February onwards sister was not feeling too well and her health condition was weakening. Early morning of Sunday 16th February around 4.30 am quietly and serenely she went to the Lord. Jesus, for whom she dedicated her life in the service of humanity, granted her eternal rest on the day of his resurrection.

May the soul of Sr. St. Roch rest in peace.