Soeurs de Saint Joseph d'Annecy

Changing Lives – Building Wholeness

“Do not put off till tomorrow the good you can do today. You may not have a tomorrow.”
Don Bosco

We the sisters from Bhubaneswar Province (Srs. Ann Joseph, Marie Therese, Ancy Mathew, Divya, Shiny Joseph and Surekha) had the golden opportunity to attend one month course in Bangalore at Don Bosco Renewal Centre on Leadership and Animation of communities from 3rd to 30th March 2022. During this one month, we were enabled and empowered to be a Leader who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. A leader must INSPIRE or his or her team will EXPIRE.

We were gently yet firmly reminded that Leadership is not about titles, positions or flower-charts. It is action and example about one life influencing another. Rather a good leader takes a little more than his or her share of the blame, a little less than his or her share of the credit.
Don Bosco Renewal Centre offers “On -going formation” as such their concern is the formation of strong minds and Spirit,updated training, strengthening of ministry practices and exploration of new avenues of thought and action, hoping to make a significant and constructive contribution to the Church.
It offers different courses on various topics, such as…….
Preparation for the Final Vows
Personal growth and renewal
Leadership and Animation of communities
Transformative Learning in Formation
Fully Alive after 50
Renewal course and Retreat for Silver Jubilarians
Teacher Leadership
Formation of Formators
Practice of spiritual Direction
During this course of time we studied, discussed and personalized on several topics. Multi-Cultural Communities, Leadership styles, Animation of communities, listening skills, Emotions and Healing of hurts and community building skills. We were once again emphasized on Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. The leader is one who out of the clutter, brings simplicity...out of discard, harmony...out of difficulty, opportunity.
On the other hand, the challenge of leadership is to
Be strong, but not rude;
Be kind, but not weak;
Be bold, but not bully;
Be thoughtful, but not lazy;
Be humble, but not timid;
Be proud, but not arrogant;
Have humor, but without folly.
It is our deep desire to share with you how this course motivated us to build oneself and to appreciate one’s giftedness and uniqueness. It was a phase of blessing and a time for introspection and invigoration. Needless to say, it was an apt occasion for rejuvenation, re-energizing and renewal of one self in dealing with others. Self-care in Leadership was one of the topics, relevant for our present living which explained the need for a balanced life without getting burnt out in Community Building. Various sessions on Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has helped us to be more aware of our preference in behaviour and as well as others which could assist us to accept others as they are and give space for others, in a way adapting one's interpersonal approach to different situations and audiences. Similarly study on Enneagram motivated us to develop a spirituality in love and brokenness. Emotions and Healing of Hurts was yet another topic which facilitated us to know the importance of emotional healing. It enabled us to learn to handle emotions and to live a stress-free life.
We express our warm appreciation and gratitude to our dear Congregation, especially we acknowledge with gratitude the encouragement and support we receive from our Provincial Superior Sr. Leena. We also appreciate all the resource persons who inspired us though their topics, exemplary presence and communications. Lastly, a leader is a dealer in hope. So let's be enthusiastic as a leader because we can't light a fire with a wet match. If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.
Sr. Divya
Bhubaneswar Province

Please Note- Those who are interested can apply
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