Soeurs de Saint Joseph d'Annecy

Prayer Time for the Season of Creation: our theme for 2021

We remember that in 2019 we joined the organization "Green Church" as a community. We are committed to praying but also to making small gestures to take care of our planet, our common home.
We celebrated the Season of Creation communally in union with other Christian denominations and especially with the native Christians of America who proposed this prayer.
The theme chosen was "a home for all". As followers of Christ, we share the role of guardians of God's Creation. God has put us all under one roof. We are all in God's house. He entrusted humanity with the responsibility of caring for and cultivating all of creation. But this house is now threatened by greed, disrespect, and systematic degradation. The whole creation still groans as St Paul says. We have forgotten that we live in the house of God.
We gathered to pray in the hope of once again becoming that community loved by God by acting as fellow disciples, where all living beings are equal members whilst having a different role.
In everyday life we are particularly attentive to sorting the wastes. In our Apostolic Community Project, we are committed to giving thanks to the Creator especially through the praise of the Psalms.
Sacre-Coeur community, Annecy