Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy




very celebration is remembered for the happiness it brings; in every seed there is a promise of beauty; the marvel of a flower blooming, the strength of a tree, the healing beauty of a herb, are all sources of joy and manifestations of God’s love in the world. On 3rd October 2015 the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy, Bhubaneswar Province, witnessed a great event when six young sisters - Srs. Sanjuktha, Shalini, Sangeetha, Nirmala Jyothi, Lilly, and Shanthi Soumya said “YES” to the invitation of the Lord to be completely and eternally His treasured possessions; to be His disciples of love, mercy and forgiveness to the world through their apostolic service.

This memorable day was made even more wonderful because of the presence of Sisters from every part of the Congregation - Sr. Pauline the Superior General and her team, representatives from the Provinces of France, England and Vishakhapatnam, the Senegambia Region and Tanzania Mission Territory. It was a truly marvellous occasion which was witnessed by many priests, religious, parents and relatives who came from far and near to celebrate with the Sisters of the Province.