Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

Consolatrice the 2nd year Novice, comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She made her first profession on 25 October 2015.
"Go deeper» was the theme of the prayer vigil. This invitation is addressed to each of us. The vigil has 1 hour duration with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and rich texts of spirituality.
Dear Consolatrice, Congratulations.
The profession took place at St. Peter Claver Church, Tamba. The bishop, some priests of the diocese and a priest of the Gambia concelebrated a solemn Mass with rhythmic chants. The Church was well decorated. Before the word of thanks, Sister Jacqueline announced the new mission of the newly professed. Consolatrice will serve the Poor and marginalized in the community of Lamin (Banjul).
After the holy Mass the relatives and friends gathered in the hall of the Saint Peter Claver for a shared meal. The celebrations continued till evening but this time between Sisters and relatives. Sister Jacqueline thanked everyone especially family Consolatrice who generously gave their daughter to the Congregation.
We praise you and we worship you, Holy Trinity, source and model of our community life. Fill us with your presence and your love.