Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

Sr. Nirmala Simon and the Pre-Novices from Bhubaneswar undertook a one week Leadership Training Programme at Indore and were very inspired by their experience. Here is a short account of their visit.

The journey was long - it took us twenty four hours to get there - but we enjoyed it a lot. When we reached USM they gave us a warm welcome and as we entered the building we could see inspirational quotations to motivate us. There was greenery everywhere. We were soon encouraged to observe punctuality and we were able to witness the self-less service, caring and loving nature in the USM family.

During the one week programme we learnt about pluralistic spirituality, the socio political context of India and the power of youth. We also learnt the difference between being a visionary and being an ambitious person .The best thing was the atmosphere of the Centre: right from the entrance we could feel peace everywhere in our surroundings.

We learnt the five paths by which we can transform our lives. We were also given various projects to make us realize how not to waste a single minute of life. We were taken to a slum and a shopping mall for an “exposure”, and from this we understood the difference between being greedy and being needy. This was an “eye opener” for us which taught us how to use money carefully.

The leadership programme also has helped us to appreciate our gifts and talents and to realize the potentials we have to be leaders. It has helped us to make our own policies in order to achieve our vision and goals.

Pre Novices (Eluru)