Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

St Joseph’s English Medium School, Salur, aims at promoting the all round development of each pupil’s personality by providing a balanced educational programme which inculcates mental, physical and moral values. We provide a quality education which encourages each one to use their talents and opportunities to do their best and to attain the highest standards. We emphasize noble ideals such as unity, compassion, tolerance, justice, equality and respect for all. Through these we hope that we are helping to form our students to be good and conscientious citizens of our Motherland.

Besides taking part in the usual internal assessment tests and public examinations, the students have opportunities to develop their creative skills by taking part in debates, elocution exercises, drama, music, dance and other stage performances. All the important occasions such as Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day and national festivals are celebrated well when the children are given the chance to exhibit their hidden talents and to develop them further.

The Gospel values lived and taught by Our Blessed Lord and followed by Fr. Jean Pierre Medaille, the founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph, inspire all that we do and all to which we aspire. We feel that it is our mission to “facilitate conviction – based on spiritual formation; impact authentic leadership training, encourage sports, games and work experience and extend integral education to all.”