Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy


With immense gratitude and love, we the Sisters of Visakhapatnam Province, thank God for the gift of our dear Sisters Kamalini, Rani Joseph, Teresa Martin and Sunitha Antony who made their perpetual profession before God, in the Church and in the presence of the community on 14th January 2021. It was a great pleasure to have our Beloved Archbishop, His Grace M. Prakash for the ceremony, who explained the values of Consecration, Commitment and Community living in a profound and simple terms in his homily.

We thank the parents, teachers and the parish priests of these sisters, who have planted the seed of faith, nurtured and encouraged them to choose and walk the ‘narrow way’ and to spend their lives in the service of the people of God. Family members of these Sisters, many priests, religious and well – wishers spared their precious time to be present for this celebration of joy and thanksgiving and we are grateful to each of them.

We request your continued prayerful support for our sisters as they journey through life to the ultimate goal. Thankyou.

“CALLED……….. SENTFORTH …………. BEAR FRUIT” was the Theme that they chose for themselves.


Along with the psalmist we do say: “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad”. Indeed, we rejoice and are glad, as 5th January 2021 was a memorable and significant day for us. What a long awaited and beautiful day in the life of a religious - profession day- which translates ‘’wedding day” with none other than our Lord and redeemer Jesus Christ.

On this day, four of our young and vibrant novices G. Haritha Poornima, K. Divya, E. Mofina and P. Velangini Jyothi made their First Commitment, a red-letter day in their lives. The profession ceremony was held in Waltair at St. Joseph’s Parish. We thank the Almighty for calling them to the Congregation of the Greatest Love. Rev. Fr. Antony Vincent CSSR, guided them with eight full days of retreat and solemnized the occasion. A good number of priests, religious sisters and laity gathered around the altar and prayed for them. We thank you for your ‘YES’ to the LORD and your ‘YES’ to the Congregation, we are very happy to have you as our youngest professed sisters!


 We are grateful to God the Almighty for the eight beatitudes [Novices] Maria Ratnam, Anjali Premalatha, Ankitha, Supriya, Bilasini, Sweta Nirupama and Manasa who chose to dedicate their lives in this Congregation of the Greatest Love and to take one more courageous step on the way to formation. We are extremely happy and admire them as persons, who have discovered the precious call of God. Through our Congregation, God called them to sow the seed of love in the garden of human hearts. Our Pre- Novices had eight days of retreat guided by Sr. Gerard. She motivated them in the love of God and to embrace Him forever.

The Initiation Ceremony began with the prayer service headed by Sr. Sujatha in the Chapel at St. Joseph’s Home. They were initiated into the novitiate on 22nd Dec 2020. Many Sisters from the vicinity of Vizag were present at this celebration. During the prayer service Sr. Rose gave them the white saree as a sign of their desire to follow Jesus more closely in his lifestyle of poverty, purity and complete surrender to God. Sister gave them the Constitutions which instructs the way of life as a Sister of St. Joseph of Annecy.

The Novice Mistress, Sr. Jeenat Jose welcomed them by giving them the lit lamps and they in turn placed them in front of St. Joseph, to implore His intercession and to live as a true daughter of St. Joseph.


 Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude for the gifts of Maria Rani, Sindhuja and Chandrika who have taken a basic step in responding to the call of Jesus. These are our intensive candidates returned from home on 18th January 2021 and had three days of recollection. They were guided by Sr. Gerard, who motivated them to realize the valuable gift of vocation. They were initiated into the pre- novitiate on 24th January 2021 at St. Joseph’s Home. The initiation ceremony began with a prayer service conducted by Sr. Sujatha. The core of the service reminded them that they are the beloved children of God and are chosen for a special purpose. Many sisters were present to witness this joyful and joy-filled event.

Our candidates have taken the second birth into the Congregation. As a sign of acceptance Sr. Rose presented them the Spiritual Directory, the book of Maxims, the Original Document and the prayer book. They expressed their willingness and desire to be moulded by God through the formation they will receive in the Pre-Novitiate. At the conclusion of the prayer service the whole assembly extended their arms over the pre- novices and called upon them, the blessings of God.

Sr. Josephine Mary