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The times that have been never dreamt of. The pandemic times which blows around the globe, leaving no space behind, untouched, has left ever memorable impact in the field of education. By the end of March 2020, the pandemic was all over, resulting in the closure of 90% of schools, colleges and universities. Though there were many negative impacts with the outbreak of COVID- 19 in the field of education, there was also positive impact which could take education system, its methods, a step higher.


Looking at the green side of the pandemic impact on education, I would surely say that the learning cells in the brain became active to think and process the methods to continue education of young minds. “You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way”, said Marvin Minsky. This quote created a successful story during the pandemic as the methods used for teaching, learning were diverse.

  • COVID- 19 has accelerated adoption of digital technologies to deliver education. Education institutions moved towards blended learning, encouraged teachers and students technology savvy. Soft technology, online, webinars, virtual class rooms, tele conferencing, digital exams and assessments became common phenomenon, where other way round we define them only in the text or else could have come into practical life only after a decade.
  • There was unimaginable collaboration among all the stake holders in the field of education which includes administration, teachers, students, parents, companies ready making the soft transfer of knowledge with their innovative ways.
  • Global education and world wide exposure has been made available at the door steps of those who sought after.
  • The expenditure on travels, tours, purchase of study materials has gone down and it could help one to save in these hard times.


Though there was much advancement in the technology side of education, we could also get loop holes of the impact of COVID-19 on education.

  • Educational activities are hampered to a great extent as we could sense a great amount of confusion, postponement of exams, results, academic sessions etc. The so called co-curricular activities could not get enough space as supposed to.
  • Digital world was a dilemma for the teachers who were expertise in book, talk, chalk, class room method. They had to be trained to challenge the present situation and go ahead with online teaching and sure to say many students struggled to get ready with the gadgets needed for digital learning.
  • Many educationalists went for alternative chores to sustain their families as they lost their jobs and remunerations were with held. Once a teacher, now trying to fit into any job that could assist him/her.
  • Everything went on well though difficult; with educated parents as they briefed their children, but it also is the time to understand the helplessness of the parents who could not help their children.
  • As the mid-day meal scheme is a great blessing to many students in India, during lock down due to closure of schools, the children were deprived of food and were malnourished.
  • Pandemic has become a challenge to educational institutions as the payment of fees was very poor. Many low budget schools got shut down.


COVID - 19 has impacted immensely to the education sector of India. Though it has created many challenges, various opportunities are also evolved. India is not fully equipped to make education reach to all the corners of the nation via digital platforms. It is the need of the hour for the educational institutions to strengthen their knowledge on information technology and infrastructure, to be ready for facing similar situations like COVID-19.






Sr. Vijaya Nirmala