Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy


 Our 64-bed nursing home has been welcoming elderly lay people, priests and nuns since 2002.

 The extension of the Residence started in November 2020 and should be operational in 2022. The objective of this new construction is based on the preamble, taken from the residents' ‘Welcome’ booklet:

"While avoiding giving the elderly a feeling of dependence, we will be able to respect the need they feel to keep their place in normal society, to be mixed constantly with adults and children." (Pierre Laroque)

In future, the residents and inhabitants of the neighbourhood will be able to meet each other, thanks to the opening of the restaurant to the public, the creation of a crèche, etc.

Initially, the construction of two 11-bedroomed houses will make it possible to accommodate people suffering from cognitive disorders. A living room, a dining room, a kitchen and lighting will link the rooms so that the residents feel at home. "We have taken a gamble on presence, humanity, attention and warmth," concluded the director at the laying of the foundation stone on 16 February 2021.

In this year 2021, which Pope Francis has placed under the special protection of Saint Joseph, "a tender father", we renew our commitment to live and promote in our "Grand Chêne" home the values of our charism: respect for the dignity of each person, welcomed in confidence and tolerance, a quality of relationship rich in listening, attention, and sensitivity.These values were sealed in the first stone with the wishes of the Residents.

May Saint Joseph help us to believe that "God can act through our fears, our frailties, our weakness... and that we must not be afraid to leave the rudder of our boat to him." (Pope Francis)

                                                                                                            Sr Marie Louise Vulliez