Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

Our Lockdown Experience

In this text, we, the Sisters of Thônes community would like to share what we lived during this time of lockdown. The first thing is that it reminds us of the Old Testament where the plagues of Egypt and other catastrophes in the history of God's people made them aware of their distance from God and the importance of acknowledging their sin in order to return to their relationship with God and their brothers and sisters.

Life has shown us that many have turned to others through service, attention, presence to the weaker people, through the great gratitude shown in different ways to all the health personnel and those who work in conjunction with them such as ambulance drivers, police officers to help with lockdown, and all the volunteers making masks, devices etc... Dedication, compassion, concern for the needy has taken a large place in the media due to lockdown.

For us, not being able to go out to meet people this time was the opportunity for a reflection on personal life...

A real time of retreat especially during Holy Week,

A prayer extended to the whole world, a new look at our planet,

A communion in compassion in the face of all the suffering of: the caretakers, the sick, the bereaved, the government officials, and the sick,

A communion in the offering of our work to support and to help in our own way, and

A return to our place in the recognition of our smallness, our weakness before God who is always waiting for us.

We were able to reach out to a few people by phone in order to support or to keep a connection. We thank the Parish and the local Community of Villards for the different sheets of leaflets that have helped us throughout Lent until today as well as the word of Father Arnet in the newspaper; we appreciated being able to enjoy the celebrations on TV and on KTO.

This time calls us to a stronger trust in hope and surrender to the Risen Christ, to a transformation of the life of our world. What will tomorrow be made of?" Lord, just tell me you're here. "

Community of Thônes