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Holidays in Megève

Echoes of our Holidays in Megève from June 19th to 30th.

During our holidays in Megève, Sr. Raymonde and I, while we were climbing the Mountain Joux, I turned around and asked her: - What do we discover during these days, during our climbing to the summits? What does it ask of us?

Our first walk was climbing to the Calvary and higher, then the climb to Rochebrune, the Mountain d'Arbois, the lake of Javen, the Côte 2000. When we reached the Côte 2000, we were above Combloux, the Mont Blanc (while mountains) is there in front of us in all its splendour, we decided to sit in the shade of the fir trees to share what we have lived and felt.

First of all, we were amazed by the beauty, the grandeur and the variety of landscapes, colours...diversity of greenery, flowers, smells (especially cut grass!), the rustle or the murmur of the water in the streams. And here we were facing our smallness before the immensity of God, His grace and His power as Creator.

Looking... listening... feeling the breeze of the wind in the fir trees... we felt a sense of calm... Climbing the rocky, muddy paths, sometimes under the scorching sun... has required us to surpass ourselves in perseverance and humility, in the recognition of our limits, at the rhythm of our possibilities in order to reach the goal we have set for ourselves. Is this not also in the image of our relationship with God?

We have noticed the importance of the other who walks by our side, behind or in front of us, of His presence, His attention, His encouragement. In our everyday life, we also see that we are becoming aware of the other.

These days have allowed us to have some beautiful encounters: at Lake Javen, we were surprised to be greeted by two African girls and to discover that they live in Paris, born in Paris, from Matam, hence the burst of joy in saying "An ko pulo!" "You, you're peulh". From then came greetings in Peulh and led us to hugs like people from the same family. We continued our exchanges, our activities, taking photos and a word in Fulani recorded on the mobile phone to join the family. We left them by expressing a deep joy "mi welti ma" "I am happy with you".

Another day, a cyclist from Rumilly descended from Mount Joux and stopped to allow the climbers to climb quietly. Of course, greetings ... and he gave us the right direction. Then we went from Mount Joux to Mount d'Arbois. To get down from this summit, we read the indications well and despite this, we were in a dead end. The season is not yet open; the path does not go further. What to do! A moment of questioning...and we took the way back to the place where we had seen a car and an open door! St. Joseph was there! He showed us a line in the fields by lowering the goat fence to prevent us from going back to the top. What a relief! Many other encounters delighted us with greetings and very humane little words thanks to this magnificent nature. Praise be to God!

The difficulties that we encountered were: stony, muddy, lost paths...led us to go beyond ourselves by turning towards others, sure of the Other, as in the calm storm I thought of! Yes, these reflections contributed to the joy of our vacation days.

“You are the God of wide spaces and broad horizons. You are the God of long roads, of paths to the infinite.”

«...Lord, blessed are You, You who walked with us on the roads, for all the different means of going towards others that I enjoy today..." Joseph Proux.

Sr. Monique and Sr. Raymonde

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